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Sometimes all it takes is knowing someone cares.

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About Us

Our Vision

The Renaissance Center is committed to promoting healthy relationships through excellent and accessible services to Baltimore and surrounding areas. These services are provided without regard to creed, color or socio-economic status or religious affiliation by competent, well-trained clinicians who strive to faithfully integrate Christian/biblical truths with principles of psychological health.

Our Mission

The Renaissance Center ministers to the whole person by providing healing for the mind, spirit and body by offering supportive counseling services. The outcome of our ministry is to strengthen individuals and families so they can live a more productive and healthy lifestyle. We also want to enable persons to reach a level of growth and resilience through reconciliation that will ultimately lead to a more balanced life. The Ministry fulfills a critical need in the community for accessible mental health services with a spiritual foundation.

Our Values

1.  Integrating Christian principles into its services and operations.
2.  Upholding ethical standards of conduct.
3.  Excellence in all of its governance, stewardship and management.
4.  Being client-centered in all of its services, policies and procedures.
5.  Ongoing assessment of all its services, policies and procedures.
6.  Nurturing collaborative and/or collegial working relationships with community organizations.
7.  Promoting racial and/or ethnic diversity of its staff.
8.  Professional development and life-long learning for all staff.


Romans 12:2 - “Do not be conformed any longer to the pattern of this world, be but transformed by the renewing of your mind” (NIV)